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There’s a big difference between singing and acting and performing. While all require a high degree of technical skill to do well, performance mastery is more of a mystery; more about intangibles and nuance, composure and presence, movement and confidence than technique alone. Nobody understands the mental and physical difficulties and dynamics of performance better than DJM Studio.    
Perhaps the only NY studio where those who teach in class also perform on stage, DJM helps performers grow from the inside out. Our proven methods not only help performers perfect their craft but conquer their fears. By encouraging vulnerability performers are able to stretch their ability in a supportive judgment-free environment. At DJM, we believe everyone can learn from someone no matter what their level of talent and that once you reach a person you can better teach them to be a performer.

Because everyone learns differently, DJM encourages performers to process knowledge in their own way. Unlike other programs, DJM doesn’t pit artists against each other in TV talent show type competitions. There’s no mocking, separating or segmentation according to ability. In the DMJ democracy, performers at every level learn by empathizing not humiliating. By understanding both the nature of talent and the nurture of it, performers enjoy more personal freedom and performance growth. Because at DJM, we believe no matter how talent-driven a performer may be, aspiration falters without inspiration

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